"2006" Featured Movies

Low Winter Sun (2006)

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Frank Agnew is a police detective who kills for revenge and naively believes he's engineered the perfect crime.

The Time Tunnel (2006)

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In 2006, an experiment of the Department of Energy in hot fusion to produce energy releases a storm in time along 240 minutes, changing history. Only the personnel in the core of the ...

A Christmas Tale (2006)

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In 1985, in a coastal town, the friends Koldo, Peti, Tito, Eugenio and Moni stumble with a woman dressed like Santa Claus trapped in a hole in the woods. While to boys go to the police ...

Evil Behind You (2006)

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Abducted couples are victims of medical experiments that mutate their minds with supernatural abilities. As their mental capacities increase, so does the danger from something evil that is not of flesh and blood.

Lassie (2006)

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A family in financial crisis is forced to sell Lassie, their beloved dog. Hundreds of miles away from her true family, Lassie escapes and sets out on a journey home.

A for Andromeda (2006)

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In the Yorkshire Dales, a group of scientists receive radio signals from the Andromeda Galaxy. Once decoded, these give them a computer program that can design a human clone. One physicist ...

Pennies (2006)

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"Pennies" is the story of Charlotte Brown(Amy Adams),a waitress and young single mother who will do anything for her daughter Jenny,and when push comes to shove,she does.With a menacing ...

Let's Go to Prison (2006)

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When a career criminal's plan for revenge is thwarted by unlikely circumstances, he puts his intended victim's son in his place by putting him in prison...and then joining him.

BloodRayne (2006)

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In the eighteenth century, a vampire escapes from the freak show, in which she once participated, and teams up with a group of vampire slayers to kill the man who raped her mother.

The Power of the Resurrection (2006)

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A young man, Facing torture and possibly death for his Christian beliefs, confesses his fears to Peter, who awaits a similar fate. Peter tells him of fear he felt in following Jesus' arrest...

Miles from Home (2006)

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Plagued by bad influences, bad choices and bad people, Miles finds himself in a seemingly hopeless set of circumstances. When a beautiful friend with an equally beautiful spirit shows him ...

Incubus (2006)

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Stranded after a car accident, a medical school student and her friends try to find shelter - only to cross paths with a deranged killer.

Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (2006)

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Hellboy travels to Japan to fight an ancient demon.

Shell Shock (2006)

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On the front in Italy during WW 2, a sergeant thinks that one of his men is faking battle fatigue, and sets out to expose him.

Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (2006)

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An orphaned teenager finds himself being dominated by his aunt who's hell-bent on keeping him with her...at all costs.

Sweeney Todd (2006)

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A BBC adaptation of the Victorian "penny dreadful" tale of 18th century "demon barber" Sweeney Todd, of Fleet Street, who cuts the throats of unsuspecting clients in his London shop.

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (2006)

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Director Michael Winterbottom (Northam) attempts to shoot the adaptation of Laurence Sterne's essentially unfilmable novel, "The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman."

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006)

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About a man who has trouble with his job, trouble with women, and uses food to deal with it all.

Population 436 (2006)

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A census-taker (Sisto) is sent to investigate why a certain small town has had the same population -- 436 residents -- for the last 100 years.

5ive Girls (2006)

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Five wayward teenage girls are sent to a reformatory and discover they possess unique powers to battle the ancient demon, Legion, which holds thrall over the sinister institution.

Piccadilly Jim (2006)

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Set in the 1930s, an American with a scandalous reputation on both sides of the Atlantic must do an about-face in order to win back the woman of his dreams.

Wolfhound, (2006)

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He was doomed to die, but managed to survive, and now his mission is to revenge for the annihilation of his tribe. He is the great warrior who calls himself Volkodav, and is the last man ...

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

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Jack Sparrow races to recover the heart of Davy Jones to avoid enslaving his soul to Jones' service, as other friends and foes seek the heart for their own agenda as well.